Thursday, August 6, 2009

MECAF 2009

American Stronghold forgot their camera. Thankfully, the internet has cameras everywhere! Thanks to Chuck Forsman, Colleen Frakes, and Mike Lynch for these photos from the Maine Comic's Arts Festival.

We are always resourceful when we need to find a nearby oyster bar, fast.

We finished a sign, and price tags, and a little cardboard stand for the flag moments before the festival started, and set our books out (which all looked really nice together -- we all have similar color palettes). Then we looked around at everyone's table cloths, and then at our bare, white table. After sitting there trying to rationalize having a bare table (it's utilitarian, it represents the blank page) Kubby went and got her blanket out of the car, which made our table kind of cozy, we thought. The motifs on the blanket were log cabins, canoeing, fish, moons, stars, and moose! Being in Maine, the moose was kind of perfect. But it was funny, because we figured out it had the themes in a lot of the stories that were on it, on it.

Rides fell through and only 2/4ths of AS arrived, but really that was for the best, as there were lots of families and children around, and we didn't want to give the public a full dose in our first ever public appearance. Immunities must be built up against our kind of medicine.

For books, Kubby had Beauty Patrol (with a 4 screen, 8 color screenprinted cover or something crazy like that), Mudbog, and Indelible, an anthology of female CCS creators she co-editted with Colleen Frakes and screenprinted the cover for, I had Pockmarked Apocalypse 1, and Sam n' Dan, Brandon Elston had 25 copies of Lusty Tales (which went like hotcakes to some very lucky people who are in for a well drawn, wild ride through some very pretty pen work), Dane Martin didn't have any offerings this time around as FedEx Kinkos messed up his printing (but still charged him. That's FedEx for you.)

Fun show though! So long. Until next time, whenever, wherever that is.

I kind of wanted to leave the flag standing on the table after we left.

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